March 03

How to Waste Your First Kiss

Guys, I blew it. I spent 24 very full but romantically empty years unkissed. I didn’t see any problem with it. There had been guys that I’d been interested and guys that were interested in me but very often it never worked out. It just wasn’t my time. I’m also a very independent person so […]

March 02

Lake Komo – Think Tank (Mahogany Session)

I’m going to start sharing cool videos I find around the internet. This one is from Mahogany Session on Youtube. They make videos of stripped down songs of up and coming indie uk artists. Definitely a channel you should follow if you like hearing quality music.

March 01

Meet Arisha

Meet Arisha, a spunky zumba instructor that’s proud of her heritage. “I got into zumba teaching because of my mom. She was an instructor herself and I was thinking ‘Oh, I need a job to make money’. My mom told me it was easy enough to become your own boss so I was like ‘Why […]

February 29

Bipolar Days

So I disappeared again. This past month has been a rough one. I wouldn’t say I went into an extreme depression but it was definitely worse than it’s been in a while. I was stuck in bed with not a care to do anything productive. Which is was a complete 180 from January. I was […]

February 01

Meet Sarah

Meet Sarah. She’s an exuberant Army brat now-turned artist with nothing but love for life. She’s been married for three years and is now expecting a baby girl this summer. “A lot of people complain that moving around a lot was really difficult for them but I think it gave me really good life skills. […]

January 28

I Won’t Give Up Cover

I had a special request to do this song. I’ve been a big fan of it but for some reason I just never felt it went with my voice. Weird, right? Because when I listen to it, it totally works. But this one goes out to you Gauhly!  

January 26

The Raleigh Temple

I’ve recently decided to start doing more watercolors. Am I the best at watercolor? No. But I’m trying to get better at them. Plus I have a bunch of them from the last watercolor class I took and why just let them sit here. I debated on what subject I wanted to paint. Personally I’m […]