Zedd’s Not Dead, Baby

Okay, so I’m not talking about Pulp Fiction.

Zedd's dead

Btw, I hate that movie. I know I’m about to upset a lot of people but really, when you’ve been forced to watch it 60 times in a row, it really gets on your nerves. That Zed is definitely dead for me.

What I’m really talking about is the musician, dj, songwriter, and all around great guy Zedd. Also he’s gorgeous.

He has his latest hit out now called “Beautiful Now” which is definitely worth getting up and dancing to. Here’s a look at it here.

What’d I tell you, right??

But it’s the single that he released right before that that I want to talk about.

“I Want You To Know”

If you don’t remember the song, first, shame on you, and second, let me fix that.

That wasn’t so bad, was it?

Actually it was pretty fantastic, wasn’t it?

Zedd wrote that with Ryan Tedder, and Kevin Drew. A lot of people say that Selena Gomez helped write it but on the official record on ASCAP she’s not listed, so….

Zedd is an amazing songwriter, writing the majority of his hits and then some, including hits like “Beauty and a Beat” by Justin Bieber and “Break Free” by Ariana Granda.

Ryan Tedder is a songwriting monster and one of my personal heroes. He’s the lead singer for the band One Republic which he writes all their stuff but he writes for a lot of other artists. Songs like “Halo” by Beyonce, “Ghost” by Elle Henderson, “Love Somebody” by Maroon 5, and “Rumour has it” by Adele, were either written or cowritten by Tedder.

Kevin Drew is a new-jersey dj that previously did a remix of Zedd’s “Stay the Night”.

So as you can see massive power was put into this.

Arnold flexing

Which is probably what inspired the cover contest they did for the song “I Want You To Know”.

I had seen advertisements for the Cover Me Zedd contest for a couple of months. It was looking for remixes or covers of “I Want You To Know”. I couldn’t say I wasn’t interested because I love me some music contests but I felt it wasn’t the right opportunity. And I felt that way for a couple of months.

Until I started producing some of my own songs and realized maybe I could produce my own version rather than doing an acoustic cover like I’ve normally done.

So off I went on my merry way, working my recording gear away until I arrived at a very different sound than Zedd’s original. I won’t say it’s the best, but it was the best for me, a novice still at recording and producing. But I’ll let you hear it.

Actually instead of letting you just hear it, I’ll show you the video I did alongside it. I’m still way embarrassed about the whole thing, but I will show you anyway. I had a blast recording it and I got a nice day at the beach out of it, you’ll notice the sunburns that are starting to appear.

I didn’t win the contest but I did do well. I made #144 out of about 3200 people. A very decent result I’d say for a beginner.

‘Til the next contest then.