My competitive artistic nature

I grew up most of my life believing I wasn’t good at art. I mean, if you look at all my attempts at drawing you’d agree with me.

I sucked.

I avoided all artistic endeavors. I was going to let music be my thing.

Fortunately, I’m a competitive creature.

horse racing

My older sister, we’ll call her Al, had gotten a set of watercolor paints and lessons. I was really jealous. My sister Al was like the least artistic person I had ever known. She’s much more proficient at music than me but there was no way that she could be more artistic than me. If she could paint then I could paint better.

So I invested in a Bob Ross set of oils. You know he’s legit.

Bob Ross

So I set up in the middle of my kitchen with my easel and palette. I don’t think my mom knew how much of a mess it was going to be or I don’t think she’d have ever agreed to let me paint there.

Oh well. Live and learn.

But a miracle happened.

Apparently I was good at painting. Like really good.

This is the picture of the painting I did.

First Painting

This was actually the first and only painting I’ve sold.

As you can see it’s pretty basic. I think I used only two different blues in the whole thing.

But I realized that you can be good at painting and just be awful at drawing.

I started a painting frenzy.

Brendan Lion Painting

This was for a mural contest for my school. Our mascot was mountain lions.

Willow Painting

This was the first painting I didn’t use any instructions on. I gave it to my grandma in honor of the willow tree she had to cut down.

Landscape Painting

This was another Bob Ross painting.

Moon Cactus Painting

This was a desert-inspired landscape. I’m from Arizona. I had to do at least one.

So I was feeling like I was starting to get the hang of this. Like, I was awesome!


So these were the paintings I was doing during my junior and senior year of high school. On the meager payroll I was on and how expensive paint supplies are, I felt I was a very dedicated artist.

So I applied to art school. And I got in.

It seems so silly that I got there from the need to be better than my sister. I mean, I think there was more to it than that like I’m a hopeless romantic.

And how romantic is it to be an artist?? It’s like the ultimate romance level as far as jobs.

romantic art

You wouldn’t believe how many times I had men offer to be a nude model for me.


Thank goodness I dropped out of art school before I got to that part of classes.

I would’ve been blushing for days.

But those college years are a whole other story for another day.

What I want to say is try new things! And if you suck at drawing, it doesn’t mean you suck at painting. I’m so glad I got into painting because it has become so definitive and invasive in my life. Even though I haven’t gone to art school for several years, I’m still painting. I’m even drawing now. I’ve gotten a lot better at that since art school.

And I’m totally better than my sister at painting.