Exiting Zombie-Mode

So remember when I said I got a piano teaching job….

Yeah, so there went all my free time.

Free tie

I was working two jobs, three if you count the hour in the middle of the day where I’m required to pick my little sister up from school. I’d go to my first job from 8am to 12pm and then come home for lunch and then at 2pm pick up my little sister and then go straight into teaching piano lessons until 8:30pm.

Unfortunately leaving me with zero energy to write.

But blessing in disguise happened.

I got laid off.

Wait, what

Well, I don’t know if that’s the technical term for it.

My first job got a new owner and the owner decided not to keep me on.

Personally, I didn’t really like the new owner and honestly I was making enough money from teaching piano I didn’t need to be working my first job. I just really liked my boss and coworkers, and the little bit of extra cash didn’t hurt either.

But there were no tears from moving on from that job.

When I put that much onto my plate I turn into monster mode. I’m not the nicest person. All the energy I save for being nice was all used up by how much I was doing each day.

So I’m glad to say, for my sake and the sake of others, that I’ve officially exited zombie-mode.


But I’m picking up pieces from a good month and a half of zombie hiatus.

Like, I finally cleaned my room.

And there’s a lot I need to catch you up on.

Like, I got a car.  A nice one too.

But today I’m going to take a nice breather and just lounge around.

Let’s get it on, Netflix.

oh my