Dance like a Hipster

Today has been the most dreary day of days in Raleigh. Not a ray of sunshine in sight. For a recovering Arizonan I didn’t realize how much of an affect the lack of sun would have on me but I could definitely feel the clouds sucking at the depths of my soul.

It could also be that every melodramatic, depressing, and chill-zone song on my playlist managed to play one after the other on shuffle mode. Really, music? You’re gonna try to bring me down too?

Tarzan rain

But I refused to be dragged down into this awful misery.

Which is why I shut off my miserable playlist and put on some Brandon Flowers. (Honestly, if you haven’t listened to his new album you’re so missing out. It’s amazing and yet I really haven’t heard on the radio, even on the indie stations. So it’s pretty much the best thing you’ve never heard of. You’re welcome, fellow hipsters.)


That’s also me dancing right now, in spite of this stupid weather.

I mean, I like rainy days just like the next person. Sign me up for snuggling cozy in bed reading a good book with a nice hot cocoa on the side.

But today I woke up really happy, and the world just was being a real downer today.

So today’s playlist:

  • Brandon Flowers
  • St. Lucia
  • Two Door Cinema Club
  • Beach Boys
  • Duke Dumont

I’m going to dance these rainy blues away.

Catch you on the flip side.