October 22


Happy Birthday to ME!!

SO TODAY IS ONE OF THE MOST AMAZING DAYS OF THE YEAR!!! It’s my birthday. Whenever people ask me what my favorite holiday is, I’m always like well, what’s the one day of the year everybody is focused on you and showering you with love and gifts??

And I’m like, duh, IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!


And my second favorite holiday, which is more sociably acceptable, is New Year’s, aka the Earth’s birthday.

new years

Needless to say birthdays are big for me.

You forget my birthday, I forget you.

giphy (2)

But whenever I have a birthday I really have to reflect on how I’ve changed over the past year. And this past year has really brought a lot of difficult yet positive changes.

  1. I bought a car.


And a nice car at that. It’s a 2014 red Toyota Prius and I’m in love with her. Granted I’ve only had her for almost a month but it still counts.

2. I was diagnosed with Bipolar Type II, ADHD, and Hypersomnia.

I think this has been the biggest change for me this past year. I’ve entirely had to change the way I approach sleep and I understand the urges to go full on crazy for what they are. And that’s made a drastic lifestyle change. I recognize that I’m still myself  but I’m creating the best version of me with all the medication that I’m on.

3. I started a band.


I know I haven’t elaborated much on this and I’m still keeping it pretty quiet but things are going VERY WELL. We’re in the midst of writing a lot of music and we’re intentionally keeping things on the down low. I mean, we don’t even have a name yet so it’s kinda pointless to be advertising too much right now.

4. I started teaching piano.


I have had jobs before but this is the first one I could see myself settling back on doing for the rest of my life and being fulfilled. I can’t believe I never thought about teaching music before but I’m glad I had someone approach me about doing this. I’m inspiring future generations!! Plus it pays REALLY well. I essentially have to work part time but I get paid like I’m working full time. AMAZING!

5. The pixie cut is gone.


(Yes, this is a real picture of me)

I’ve been sporting the pixie for about three years now and I have finally outgrown it. I’m not saying it won’t make a comeback in my life but right now I want long and luscious locks and I’m well on my way there. I’ve also discovered that my hair has grown back in with more curl than I had before so, BONUS!

6. I have discovered that I CAN live with my mom and not kill her. 

This one was actually a big challenge for my mom and I. We are both so strong-willed and like having things our way that it’s hard to live with each other sometimes. But this year has been great for both of us because we learned a lot on how to compromise. I believe we’ve really been able to grow in our relationship with all the hours we’ve spent in the car together. Perks of sharing a car.

Overall, it’s been a big year for me. I love where I’m at right now and I can’t possibly imagine being happier with where I’m at. I’m still making mistakes but thankfully they’re getting smaller each year.