November 09


The Best Part of Me

So there’s soooo much I need to tell you. I keep forgetting to write and I know that’s bad. Please don’t hate me.

I feel like I’ve given you most of the basics of my life. I’m bipolar. I have hypersomnia. I’m plus size. I LOVE music. Yeah, that’s pretty much sums it up.

Except for one big thing.

I’m Mormon.


Or LDS. Or a member of The Church of Latter Day Saints of Jesus Christ.

Whatever you want to call it.

I’m not big into sharing my religion on social media. It’s not that I’m afraid to. I just believe it’s sacred and personal and really only my business.

And when you put it out there for the world to know, people can hurt you.

But I’ve been so open with the rest of my life, it seems silly to hold back on something that is so integral to the way I live my life.

Imma be me

So I want to introduce to you (in case you already don’t know) what that means to me.

  1. I believe in Christ.

He is the foundation of my testimony and who I hold onto on my roughest days. It’s hard to talk about him without using cliches or sounding cheesy but really and truly I would be nothing without his sacrifice, suffering, mercy, and guidance.


2. Word of Wisdom

One of the main things that distinguishes me from other types of Christians is the fact that we have revelation that was given to us that’s called the Word of Wisdom. We also have other modern revelation to help keep us safe and healthy. That means I don’t drink, I don’t smoke cigarettes or anything else, I don’t have tea or coffee.


3. My appearance

We also have other modern-day revelation that instructs us not to have tattoos, only have one ear piercing in each ear (and only for the girls), and to not dye our hair to unnatural colors. (This has been probably the hardest thing for me to accept and follow because as an artist you know I wanted all the tattoos and purple hair.) I settled for white hair and a really cool ring.


Perfectly okay to look like this though.

4. Sunday is sacred

We’ve been commanded to keep the Sabbath day holy so that means that I don’t hang out with friends (unless it’s church or family-related). I try to do things that either help me worship God or help me develop as a person. This also means I don’t go shopping, I don’t go to restaurants. I try not to do anything that would make someone else have to work that day. This also means that I don’t work that day either, or I try my hardest not to. I’ve gone through periods in my life where working on Sunday was unavoidable. Occasionally I’ll go to church and just sleep the rest of the day. It is a day of rest after all.


5. I go to a singles’ ward

In our church, our congregations are called wards and they’re based off of where you live. They’re also based off your marital status and age. Since I’m between 18-31 and am not married I go to a Young Single Adult Ward, specifically the Raleigh Young Single Adult Ward. It’s nice knowing my church is so dedicated to helping us find our eternal companions that they’ve organized an entire congregation for us. Plus it’s really nice to have the activities and lessons that can be geared toward where we are in life.

Not Lonely

6. Marriage is Eternal

I really was going to leave it at 5 but this is such an important one I couldn’t leave it out. We believe that marriage lasts beyond this life, at least when you have a marriage in the temple. We believe it lasts for eternity. How cool is that??! I’ve grown up knowing that the person I fall in love with and marry will be the person I spend the rest of eternity with. I can’t imagine growing up and thinking that I’d only be with the man I marry until death. That just wouldn’t be long enough for me.


Really there is so much more I could tell you about what I believe but I think I’ll just leave you with this. I know there are crazy people that say crazy things about Mormons but let my life be an example of what a Mormon really is. Let the lives of all the other Mormons you know be examples of what it is to be Mormon, and make your judgement then. I can’t promise you we’re perfect people, but all we can do is try.

I believe Joseph Smith is a true prophet. I believe as a 14 year-old boy he saw Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and he was later instructed to restore the true gospel to this Earth. I believe in modern day prophets and that God does talk to us still today. I believe that Thomas S. Monson is our prophet here on Earth and that he guides this church today under the direction of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I believe this is the only fully true church on this Earth today. I believe in Christ and that he suffered and died on the cross for me and everyone else that has ever existed, does exist, or will exist.

I love you and God loves you.

Now go out there and have one of the best days of your life!