The Photoshoot Post

So I did this thing about  a month ago…

I don’t normally do these things. In fact I shy away from these things most of the time.

But I needed to face the thing.

About a month ago I had a wonderful photographer friend, Jenny Jaskolka, take photos of me.

Guys, I had a photoshoot!

you go girl.gif

I was like super nervous for it too.


I wish I could say I was like all those amazing plus size fashion bloggers that have goobers of self confidence about their bodies. But for me it is a daily struggle to convince myself that I am beautiful. Some people think that’s crazy but that’s one of the real hardships of being plus size.

But don’t worry too much about me, most days I find myself gorgeous. These days it’s only rare occasions I don’t feel as pretty.

But the day of the photoshoot was turning into one of those days.

I should worn my hair differently. Is this the right outfit? I should’ve chosen a different belt. Oh no, I forgot my tights.

I’m the classic over-thinker and I was on overload.


The thought that got me through it was the fact that I had so many people that loved me for who I am, regardless of my size. I started naming people who would absolutely love these photos whether they were garbage or not. And I knew I could handle it.

Soooooo without further ado, here are the photos from that day.

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Jenny did an absolutely amazing job and I ended up loving the photos.

As soon as she sent them to me I got to work posting them to facebook. I needed, really needed, to see what others thought.

I put all the pictures together and paired it with this message.

“Soooooo…. I’ve been struggling. Struggling to feel beautiful and worthy and all these things. I know I’m awesome and amazing and super talented but I get passed over so many times because of my size. And it gets tiring to keep giving myself these pep talks that deep down people do love me. So I wanted to do something for me. To prove to myself that I am beautiful. Maybe I won’t ever be a supermodel but I feel gorgeous in these photos. A big shout out to Jenny Jaskolka who did such an incredible job. I’d recommend her 200% for any photos you need. She has such a huge talent and I’m so blessed to know her. I think we all should have our own photo shoots to remind us how beautiful we all are. ‪#‎Everyonehasbeauty‬‪#‎bodypositivity‬ ‪#‎ilovemyself‬

And the love just came pouring in.


There were so many positive and uplifting comments supporting me. I was actually surprised. There were people I hadn’t heard from in years commenting and telling me what an inspiration I was to them.

It was amazing to see how much people really did love me and I think that’s what my main problem is.

I forget how much love is in my life.

No matter my size, there are people in my life that love me for who I am. They actually think I’m beautiful, inspirational even.

Not to mention the fact that because I was able to see all these people accepting my body I was able to accept my body. All these wonderful friends of mine see me as beautiful.

It’s about time I did.

So my recommendation to you, have a photoshoot. Doesn’t have to be fancy. And show off your body! I think you’ll be surprised at just how much support and love you really have in your life. And maybe you’ll learn a thing or two about accepting yourself.