The Non-Stimulated

Today I woke up exhausted.

Most days it’s like that and that’s usually after 10 to 12 hours sleep.

It’s just never enough these days.


It doesn’t help that due to a pharmacy error I’m currently off my stimulants this week.

So basically I’m a living zombie.


Normally on a day where I’ve been properly stimulated I can accomplish normal tasks like grocery shopping and paying bills and dealing with impatient kids.

Off stimulants?


giphy (1)

I want to do nothing.

The first thing I want to do is sleep. I will sleep a mandatory 12 hours. Sometimes more.

Then I will proceed to delay getting out of bed for as long as possible.

And then I will do one of three things.

Facebook. Netflix. Kindle.

Not much else goes on in my non-stimulated mind.

giphy (2)

But I’m an adult and I have to survive in an adult world.

How do I do it?

Well, the same way you get any three-year-old to do anything?

You beg, bribe, and negotiate.

Like I have to threaten myself a little to get anything done.


And sometimes that doesn’t even work.

I mean, you wouldn’t believe the bill I had to pay on a Redbox movie because I kept putting off taking it back.

I probably wouldn’t even be writing this except I’ve told myself I can have some Reeses’ after this.

And you’re probably going like, “Roxie, we all deal with this.”

I’ll be like “NO.”

This isn’t just because I didn’t get enough sleep or I’m under a lot of stress or I’m depressed.

Exhausted is my normal. This is where I function day in and day out.

Sure, you have days like mine and even weeks and months like mine.

But there are no breaks from Hypersomnia.

I’m like a boss at dealing with my three-year-old self at this point.

Because who’s kidding, when you’re as tired as me, it’s the three-year-old that’s really in charge.

That’s probably why I’m so great with kids.