Mental Health Mondays

This week has been pretty okay.

It hasn’t been spectacular but it definitely hasn’t been the worst.

I started off by taking a Mental Health Monday.

That means I stayed home from work while trying not to do anything crazy spurred by my raging emotions.

I just was really angry that day. If there was anything small or slight someone had done to me in the past 24 hours, I was angry about it. And I wanted to do something about it.

I wanted revenge for all the little things people had done to me!


I have a rule though that I’ve developed over the years through much trial and error.

I’m not allowed to text or facebook message people.

I cannot even begin to tell you the amount of trouble I can get into with those.

Like when I’m having one of my angry days, all the brutal honesty in me wants to get out and I say some awful stuff.

And there’s some things you just can’t say sorry afterwards.


So to spare everyone’s feelings, I just make sure that I don’t talk to anyone.

Although for some odd reason I downloaded Tinder.

Don’t worry, I deleted Tinder almost as soon as I downloaded it.

200_s (1)

I’ll have to make a rule about Tinder as well it seems.

But I was able to handle it.

And I’m not a bottle of raging emotions anymore and all that anger has slipped away and I’ve not unintentionally destroyed precious relationships in my life.

I feel this is a Bi-Polar win.


It does feel weird to take a day off because I was feeling too angry but over the years I’ve learned that if I don’t take that time off and take care of myself I end up doing REALLY stupid things.

So here’s to Mental Health Mondays.