Home Sweet Home Day 1

It’s been unbelievable the amount of home sickness I’ve been experiencing this past month. I mean, I’ve been out here in Raleigh, NC for a little over a year and I’ve been fine up until November.

Well, it’s probably been a combination of things. I’ve recently discovered that a ridiculous amount of people here are from Arizona. I’ve made a new amazing friend from Arizona, I’ve started dating someone from Arizona, even my church leaders come from Arizona.

And for some reason they all want to talk about how great Arizona is and I just have to agree with them. There’s a lot I miss.

I miss the roads. The glorious grid system with two lanes going each way. The highways that are always free to drive on and that make perfect sense.

I miss the sunsets and seeing the sky all the time.


I miss how all the houses are pretty much all dirt color and blend into the scenery.

I miss how there’s a Mexican restaurant on every other corner.

I miss the amazing amount of Mormons there were out there. Like 3 out of every 5 people are Mormon there. And they were always doing something each weekend.

I miss the mountains.


I’ve missed a lot of things and all of November I just wanted to go back. And so even though I barely had the money I booked a flight out there.

Really I was planning on going anyway because I was asked to be a bridesmaid in one of my best friend’s wedding. I couldn’t say no and the home sickness was just killing me so it all made for a much needed visit to Arizona.


I woke up before the crack of dawn on Friday morning and spent the next 10 hours traveling across the US. I landed early afternoon in Phoenix and my dad picked me up.

My dad took me out to P.F. Chang’s for lunch and as we were driving I couldn’t take my eyes off of everything. I was trying to soak all the palo verdes, the cactus, the immense blue sky and commit it to memory.

We arrived and it was nice to sit down and spend time with him. My dad and I have barely started talking again so it almost felt like a first date. You know the awkward conversation pauses, not knowing what we’re comfortable talking about, and just a lot of small talk.

It was a good lunch though and we left and went grocery shopping so I would have food to eat for the weekend. Honestly, I wasn’t going to be spending a lot of time at my dad’s so I didn’t think it was necessary but my dad really wanted to so I humored him. It was ridiculous the amount of food he bought though.

“You like chips and salsa, right? Let’s get some of those. What do you want to drink? Orange juice, milk, soda? Let’s just get all of them. What about cookies? Do you like Oreo’s?”

“Yeah Oreo’s are good.”

“Good, we’ll get those. We’ll get some Nestle cookie dough too. What about ice cream? Do you like soup?”

We got to his place and unpacked all of the food and then I had to leave for Yolanda’s wedding rehearsal. I was the first one there but I was really excited to see Yolanda so I didn’t care. Plus the wedding planner was very friendly so I ended up talking to her for the first half hour until everyone got there.

It was a beautiful location she and Glenn were having their wedding. It was called Lavender and Old Lace and it was super cute and a little kitschy but it was perfect.


Yolanda showed up and we said a quick hello before she got swept up by the wedding planner. I hung out with the bridesmaids, some of them I knew but most of them I didn’t. They were all very cool people though so I had a great time with them.

We went through rehearsal fairly quickly. The wedding ceremony was outside so while we’re rehearsing one of the most beautiful sunsets is happening. Sigh.

After the rehearsal everyone separates and I head out to dinner with Yolanda and Glenn’s family. Yolanda and I quickly eat and then we go shopping for some last minute wedding supplies. We ended up at Michael’s which was a trip down memory lane for us because during college we had spent a ridiculous amount of time in this store.

With all the supplies, we headed to her parents where the other bridesmaids were waiting to put all the bouquets together. Yolanda had asked me to play a song for her at the wedding which I was so happy to do. I love it when people ask me to play. So I practiced on her sister’s guitar for a little while that night. It was Adele’s “Make You Feel My Love” which is perfect for my voice and even more perfect for a wedding.

I was trying my hardest to stay awake to help with the bouquets but Yolanda told me to go sleep on her couch. I didn’t have any energy to argue with her. Now I’m not the most comfortable sleeping in other people’s houses so it usually takes me a while to fall asleep but I was so tired I was out within minutes.

**There was just too much that happened this weekend that I couldn’t put it all in one post. So this will be continued in the next post.