January 04



2015 is finally over.

And man am I ready to move on!

2015 was a pity party year for me and I am ready to get out of that funk.


Plus I have some exciting new plans.

Like first, I’ve finally made the decision to be a songwriter. I’ve scheduled time with a recording studio this month and I’m going to be recording the demos. The next step is to get a music lawyer and I’m really excited about that. Adults have lawyers, ipso facto I’m an adult. Go me!


Second, I have made the goal to get a boyfriend this year. I want to be in a relationship. I’ve been single since the day I was born and I am just sooooo ready to be on the other side of that proverbial fence. I’ve been doing the eharmony thing and the tinder thing and so far I’ve been seeing some nice results. Sort of. You know how online dating is.


Third, I’m going to be healthy. Notice I’m not saying skinny. I mean, I’d love to lose weight but I don’t want to measure my success from that. If I can run a 10k and am still a size 16, I think I can live with that. My first goal is to get through a 5k though.  I’m like really bad right now, but baby steps, baby steps.


Fourth, I’m going to volunteer more. I have so much free time these days that Netflix just isn’t cutting it. I need to be a productive member of society that is doing my part. I’ve started volunteering at this cat shelter, mainly to curb my insatiable craving to buy a cat (as long as I live with my mother pets are a no-no). I’ve also started this intense application process to be a volunteer in the music therapy program at Rex Hospital. So, so far so good here.


Fifth and finally, I’m going to change my name this year. I’ve been going by Roxie White for several years now and it’s time to make it legal. And because I’ve gotten one of my criminal background checks back already, I have less than 90 days to make it official (otherwise I have to do another background check and it’s just such a hassle).

These are my big goals for this year and I’m so excited for them! You like, don’t even know.