Why it’s good to be desperate…

In my life I have never wanted to be desperate.

I never want to be desperate for food.

I never want to be desperate for shelter.

I never want to be desperate for love.

I never want to be desperate for attention.

I never want to be desperate for happiness.

And a lot of it is I just never want to be in a situation where I don’t have means to provide food or shelter for myself. But there’s also a lot of pride that goes with this too. We all want love and attention and happiness, but in the classic words of Meatloaf, “I won’t do that.”


There is an actual list of things I won’t do for someone I care about. I won’t murder. I won’t pretend to be someone I’m not. I absolutely refuse to do any bank robberies. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t help take over the world but I guess it would depend on what’s on the table.

We all have that list though. Things we’d never ever be DESPERATE enough to do for love or attention or money.

And that’s good. I think that’s healthy.

These lists help mainly help the general population from ending up in jail or worse… bad relationships.

Not being desperate can be a good thing.

But being desperate can be good too.

Let me tell you a story.

In 1981, a man invests all his savings into a medical machine that while proficient is expensive to use for physicians and therefore hard to sell. He has all these machines and no money to show for them now. His wife, tired of the extra strain of supporting her husband and son, runs off.

This man loses his apartment and all means of supporting him and his son. Refusing to let his son starve to death, he has become desperate.

This man applies for an internship with Dean Witter, a brokerage firm. It’s a competitive process but he makes one of the twenty positions. Unfortunately, he learns after he receives the position that it’s an unpaid internship.

The man decides to continue with the internship, struggling to find places for him and his son. The live at different shelters, they wash their clothes in bathroom sinks, their meals are sporadic and sometimes they go hungry. All the while, this man is hiding it from his bosses who would look down on a homeless intern.

But he works hard and at the end of the six month internship, you know who gets hired? Will Smith.


Did I just describe the plot to The Pursuit of Happiness? Why yes I did. Does it make it any less relevant to my point? Not a chance.

This man was driven by desperation to provide for him and his son. He went through one of the most trying times of his life to become a successful brokerage agent.

And that’s what we need to do.

We need to become desperate people.

We need to be putting ourselves on the line for things we are desperate for.

That ex-girlfriend of yours that you still have feelings for? Give her another call!

That crush of yours you’ve had for years? Tell them how you feel!

That singing contest you’ve been dying to be apart of? Go out and audition for it!

Life would be 10 times better if we were all a little more desperate. If we gave things an extra shot before giving up.

And it’s hard sometimes to let yourself be vulnerable, to let yourself be let down one more time, but wouldn’t most of us regret it if we didn’t give it an extra push.

And I know telling you this is somewhat like the pot calling the kettle black but I’m going to make a goal to be more desperate.

I can already think of 3 different situations where I could’ve been more desperate.

And I’m going to back to them and I’m going to make a fool of myself.

Because there are just things worth being desperate over.

I wish all of you desperate times and desperate measures. I hope you fail and I hope you really succeed. I wish you experiences that make you a better human being.

Good luck!