Meet Raquel

Meet Raquel. Raquel has been a recent acquaintance of mine. What first drew me too her was her bubbly energy and the fact that she has the enthusiasm of a child’s bounce house. She has a light and smile that radiates good times.

Raquel 1

To be fair, I was a little worried she was too much for my very catlike existence but when it comes down to it, Raquel is one of the fiercest listeners  you’ll meet. She’ll sit and let you rant and when it’s all over she’ll delve into your biggest secrets that you always wish you could tell somebody.

Raquel 3

She tells me that she’s always been a book nerd, loving to spend most of her adolescent in libraries than out with friends.

“It’s only been this past year my social life has really started to get going. I lost a lot of weight and learned how to use make-up and suddenly I was boy crazy. I’m a bit of a late bloomer but I’m quickly making up for lost time.”

Raquel 4

She laughs and it’s a common sound when you spend time with her. She’s always trying to make you laugh too. I can attest to that because I can be a bit mopey and she hardly stands for that.

Raquel 7

To Raquel. The Infinite Smile. Raquel 2