Why I’m in love with Kylo Ren

*Warning* There are spoilers so if you’re one of the few who still haven’t seen The Force Awakens, shame on you.


Kylo Ren has been getting a lot of flak. Many people have been saying he has the emotional maturity of an angsty teen. Others just hate him because he killed Han Solo, a beloved character and his very own father.

There have been fake twitter accounts and SNL skits making fun of Kylo Ren but to them I say you just don’t understand him.

While Kylo Ren is a flawed character, he has a depth we haven’t seen before in the Star Wars series.

A lot of you will scoff at me, but just hear me out.

  1. Kylo’s real name is Ben Solo. He was raised by Leia and Han and trained by his uncle, Luke Skywalker. Do you know how loved this boy must’ve been?? I could not think of a single thing Kylo as a child could have wanted for. We see that very love that Leia and Han have for him in The Force Awakens. Leia says go bring our son home and Han gives his life for Kylo. And I’m telling you that no man brought up with this much love is pure evil. He is definitely fighting against his inner light. And that battle is going to be something we see more of in the next installments, I guarantee it.
  2. There’s a lot of talk of him being emotionally immature but let’s go through this. Kylo was lured by the dark side. Maybe not the best decision but he made it. I don’t know if any of you have ever stood against your parents but that is something hard to do, especially when it’s over something as huge as the light side or the dark side. Especially when your parents have done nothing but support you.
  3. He’s also grown into his own authority figure. How many people do you know that are running around in charge of their own death star planet? And he’s not doing a half bad job at it. The majority of the missions he leads are successful. He’s able to capture the rebel spy and he finds the location of the map. Is he to blame that the map fell into the hands of one of the only other people with the force?
  4. He also has real goals and is determined to follow them. We find out that Kylo idolizes his grandfather Darth Vader. Perhaps not the best role model but I can see the merits. Darth Vader was an extremely powerful man. Kylo wants to become like him. He follows his path to the dark side by killing his father, a decision we know was tough for him. We all saw the tears on his face. We also see the anger he feels when he’s felt he’s failed in the scene where he melts a room with his light saber. He has dreams and he won’t be stopped until he achieves them.
  5. He’s extremely strong in the force. I know you felt it when he was able to stop that laser blast. And let’s talk about the final fight scene. Some say he was weak to let a novice beat him but look at how wounded he was. He had just suffered a crazy blast from Chewbacca’s crossbow blaster, a weapon we’ve seen is super powerful. Can you imagine the amount of sheer force power he needed to just stand let alone fight off two attackers? This guy is a force to be reckoned with.
  6. And just for kicks and giggles can we talk about the fact that he just looks cool? The mask may be unnecessary but is sure is daunting. The voice when he has the mask on is sooooo intimidating. And then when he takes the mask off you behold glorious locks of hair. And you have to be crazy legit to pull off an all black ensemble, which Kylo does perfectly.


There’s so much we haven’t given credit to Kylo Ren because we see this angry impetulant child that chose the wrong side. But there’s so much more going on when you break it down. I bet when the next installments come out we’re going to learn more of Kylo’s backstory and we’re going to know that there’s more behind this mask.