The Raleigh Temple

I’ve recently decided to start doing more watercolors. Am I the best at watercolor? No. But I’m trying to get better at them. Plus I have a bunch of them from the last watercolor class I took and why just let them sit here.

I debated on what subject I wanted to paint. Personally I’m drawn towards portraits more than anything but I wanted something to hang in my home. Being LDS, temple paintings are kind of a must. Ipso facto the LDS Raleigh Temple was chosen as my first in several watercolors.

I could just show you the final product but I love seeing before and after pictures and I assume you do to. Well this is more before during and after.

Let me know what you think. I’m always looking to get better.


I still have some work when it comes to watercolor but I think I didn’t do too bad this time around. Now to find a frame…..