Meet Arisha

Meet Arisha, a spunky zumba instructor that’s proud of her heritage.

Arisha 1

“I got into zumba teaching because of my mom. She was an instructor herself and I was thinking ‘Oh, I need a job to make money’. My mom told me it was easy enough to become your own boss so I was like ‘Why not?’. I got the certification and started teaching.”

Arisha 2

“Zumba is good. It kills my body. I’m not the fittest instructor out there BUT it’s great. It works out for me. It’s good money.”

Arisha 3

“I’m studying at school for dental hygiene. I’m at a community college now but I’m hoping to get my associate’s there and then move on to a 4-year school to get my bachelor’s in it. I’ve wanted to be a dentist since I was little. I changed it to dental hygienist last minute. I mean, I’m still sticking my hand inside people’s mouths so it’s all good.”

Arisha 4

“I grew up out here in North Carolina. I’ve spent my entire 18 years of life in the same place. I’m proud of that fact but I do imagine getting out there and experiencing more. It’s a nice place but I know there’s more out there. I’d like to go to Fiji or Australia. It’s on the other side of the world. They’ve got beaches and sun and what else could you ask for.”

Arisha 5

“I’m not Mexican. A lot of people like to place me in that category but that’s not me. My mother is Peruvian and my father is Guatemalan. I was born here though so I’m American.”

Arisha 6

“I’m proud of my Hispanic heritage. The culture is fun and completely different. Hispanic’s are more social when it comes to family and I love that. Great food as well. You can’t forget that.”

Arisha 7

“I’m from a small family. I have my parents and then I have my brother. I have step-brother’s in my dad’s new family living with him out in Germany but I don’t really know them. I have a lot of cousins too.”

Arisha 8

“My parents divorced about three or so years ago. It was a pretty simple divorce. I actually had no complaints about it. I understand why it happened. We knew the whole pros and cons of the situation. My family still feels whole though. My dad comes to visit me from Germany several times a year. I don’t feel like I’m missing all that much.”

Arisha 9

“The motto I live by in my life is ‘Dream, Believe, Achieve’. And always smile.”

Arisha 10

“Beauty is your natural self. You need to be comfortable with who you are and if you aren’t you don’t quite have it. You have to be confident.”