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January 26

The Raleigh Temple

I’ve recently decided to start doing more watercolors. Am I the best at watercolor? No. But I’m trying to get better at them. Plus I have a bunch of them from the last watercolor class I took and why just let them sit here. I debated on what subject I wanted to paint. Personally I’m […]

January 07

My Brother’s Photoshoot

So my mom had been on this kick where she wants all updated photos of the family. This is the photo of me we have hanging on the wall. I haven’t had red hair in about five years. It’s time for a replacement. Granted we don’t have the money to pay for a photographer. And […]

August 10

Dignity I

“Maybe that’s why I’m doing a self portrait. If I can figure out who I am maybe I can figure out what I’m supposed to be doing with my life.”

August 07

My competitive artistic nature

She’s much more proficient at music than me but there was no way that she could be more artistic than me. If she could paint then I could paint better.