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March 02

Lake Komo – Think Tank (Mahogany Session)

I’m going to start sharing cool videos I find around the internet. This one is from Mahogany Session on Youtube. They make videos of stripped down songs of up and coming indie uk artists. Definitely a channel you should follow if you like hearing quality music.

January 28

I Won’t Give Up Cover

I had a special request to do this song. I’ve been a big fan of it but for some reason I just never felt it went with my voice. Weird, right? Because when I listen to it, it totally works. But this one goes out to you Gauhly!  

December 01


“I mean, have you ever heard something and immediately felt the chill of inspiration come to you. It stunned me enough to quiet me and pulled on emotions that needed an immediate release.”

November 27

The Thanksgiving Break-up

“And I thought this was a sign. God wants me to put this band together.
And so we decided to start a band. “

August 05

Zedd’s Not Dead, Baby

So off I went on my merry way, working my recording gear away until I arrived at a very different sound than Zedd’s original.

August 04

Why my music career never took off

Everyone could always spot how much potential I had but I think I was always holding myself back.