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March 01

Meet Arisha

Meet Arisha, a spunky zumba instructor that’s proud of her heritage. “I got into zumba teaching because of my mom. She was an instructor herself and I was thinking ‘Oh, I need a job to make money’. My mom told me it was easy enough to become your own boss so I was like ‘Why […]

February 01

Meet Sarah

Meet Sarah. She’s an exuberant Army brat now-turned artist with nothing but love for life. She’s been married for three years and is now expecting a baby girl this summer. “A lot of people complain that moving around a lot was really difficult for them but I think it gave me really good life skills. […]

January 25

Meet Niagra

Meet Niagra. Niagra is a strong and powerful woman. From the moment I met her she was all about leading a happy lifestyle despite her mental illness. She’s been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder for a little over a year now. “I was relieved when I was first diagnosed. Of course I was in denial first. […]

January 18

Meet Raquel

“What first drew me too her was her bubbly energy and the fact that she has the enthusiasm of a child’s bounce house. She has a light and smile that radiates good times.”

January 07

My Brother’s Photoshoot

So my mom had been on this kick where she wants all updated photos of the family. This is the photo of me we have hanging on the wall. I haven’t had red hair in about five years. It’s time for a replacement. Granted we don’t have the money to pay for a photographer. And […]