January 18

Meet Raquel

“What first drew me too her was her bubbly energy and the fact that she has the enthusiasm of a child’s bounce house. She has a light and smile that radiates good times.”

January 11

Why it’s good to be desperate…

“There is an actual list of things I won’t do for someone I care about. I won’t murder. I won’t pretend to be someone I’m not. I absolutely refuse to do any bank robberies. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t help take over the world but I guess it would depend on what’s on the table. “

January 08

Home Sweet Home Day 2

“I thought to myself, I want that. I want a man who completely loses it when he sees me all dressed in white about to promise my entire life to him. And I was so happy that Yolanda had finally found that for her.”

January 07

My Brother’s Photoshoot

So my mom had been on this kick where she wants all updated photos of the family. This is the photo of me we have hanging on the wall. I haven’t had red hair in about five years. It’s time for a replacement. Granted we don’t have the money to pay for a photographer. And […]

January 05

Virgin Cyclist

“I’m going to get healthy and it’s going to be gross and ugly and it’s going to hurt so bad, but I’m going to do it by golly!”

January 04


“2015 is finally over. And man am I ready to move on! 2015 was a pity party year for me and I am ready to get out of that funk.”

December 16

Home Sweet Home Day 1

“I’ve missed a lot of things and all of November I just wanted to go back. And so even though I barely had the money I booked a flight out there. “

December 10

Mental Health Mondays

“Like when I’m having one of my angry days, all the brutal honesty in me wants to get out and I say some awful stuff. And there’s some things you just can’t say sorry afterwards.”

December 03

The Non-Stimulated

Today I woke up exhausted. Most days it’s like that and that’s usually after 10 to 12 hours sleep. It’s just never enough these days. It doesn’t help that due to a pharmacy error I’m currently off my stimulants this week. So basically I’m a living zombie. Normally on a day where I’ve been properly […]

December 01


“I mean, have you ever heard something and immediately felt the chill of inspiration come to you. It stunned me enough to quiet me and pulled on emotions that needed an immediate release.”